I was a Hobbit raised in a family of 6 who used to love Mexican telenovelas. My Tita Kokak–err–Norlyn’s the culprit. Thalia’s the real proponent of the Filipinos’ Mexican madness. Marimar killed Mula Sa Puso out of me. Channel 9 became the no. 1 station in the country. Then I repeated playing Andrew E’s “Humanap Ka ng Panget” song on my WMP11. Ugliness is beauty of Yo Soy Betty La Fea. Then eventually, I found myself studying Spanish instead of the Periodic Table of Elements.

But that was history.

I’m through with the bulging cleavages of the female cast of these telenovelas. I started to be disgusted to the excessive torrid kissing of the opposite sexes. Haciendas, horses, third parties, bastards are off too ‘pocket booky’. I’m not enticed by the typical sensuality of these Mexican series.

Then my mom bought Tikoy.


I heartfully screamed “OMFG–I thought Filipinos are the only good-looking Asians in the world?”. F4’s the suspect. Yi Xun (Lavender) and Xu Xiao Tian (Shan Cai – Meteor Garden) kicked Kristine Hermosa out of her ‘promises’. I was also wrong to presume that 555 is only for canned sardines. Now there’s a boyband. Again, I found myself studying Chinese rather than the Philippine Constitution.

I though it’s history. But that was just the beginning.

All good quality Taiwanese dramas are Anime/comic book-based. If you watch any original dramas from their creative juices, you’ll be yawning big time. Acting is overrated. Stories are hyped. And oh, I only had glanced a significantly few good looking Taiwanese since time immemorial.

And then I cooked Kimchi.


OMFG—I again interjected, “What the f—Now there are three most good-looking Homo sapiens in Asia!!!”

F— I was so flabbergasted when I finally stumbled on Autumn Fairytale on GMA. Jesus Christ, our Lord— why are Koreans so f—liciously gorgeous? It turns out that the Japanese are the ugliest (only accessorized by their wealth, Anime fashion et al). Korean stories are tragic. Their actors are hunkies. Their actresses are goddesses. Their acting is Hollywood quality. Song Hye-Gyo is gorgeous. Song Hye-Gyo is gorgeous. Song Hye-Gyo is gorgeous. Did I say Song Hye-Gyo is gorgeous?

And the story keeps going and going, until I found myself reading and speaking in Korean rather than my usual English, Tagalog, and Bisaya twang.

For years, I half-heartedly appreciated the efforts of our local drama producers to create masterpieces similar to those of what I’ve mentioned. You know, when I hear April Boy sing “Esperanza”, urgh… I turned nuts. I formerly loathe watching Kapamilya shows because of some ‘important reason’. I didn’t even have the effort to crave for Pangako sa Yo though it was phenomenally exceptional across the globe (because I detest ABS before). I thought Filipinos are currently dormant with the foreign waves attacking our republic seashores… from Latin American, to Taiwanese, to Korean…

Then I ate ‘adobo’…



Seeing Encantadia gave me the hopes of Philippine primetime goodness. I was intrapersonally crying with ‘cheers’ (as in cheers) for our national pride. With the story so elaborately narrated, with the CG (Computer-Generated) graphics so intricately designed, with their setting so sophisticatedly toiled by Filipino artisans, no wonder Encantadia (I mean the first Encantadia sequel) will be marked as the best Philippine drama ever produced in the Philippines

I am an Encantadik. I heart Encantadia and I will always be their no. 1 fan.

And then I received this from the headwriter of Encantadia:

Because of this:

So I then replied with this:

Ang galing, no?

  1. rowjie says:

    At last! I got a “first comment space” here in your blog. Hehe.

    Well, I love this post! I also used to love those Mexican telenovelas back then. I also bought some albums of Thalia back then that’s why somehow I can speak Spanish now, even if I don’t know what I’m saying. Anyway, that’s all in the past.

    Then came the KOREANOVELAS. If Mexican telenovelas are faster than the Filipino telenovelas, well, I think KOreanovelas are faster than Mexican telenovelas.

    Anyway, I noticed that Filipino dramas now do’t last up to a year. Which I t hink is good.

    Haha. I love this post!

    I am also an Encantadik! Hehe.

  2. jef says:

    Hahahaha! Watch your writing, Neil baka may makabasa sa CNN or BBC at sulatan ka ulit hehe. My oh My, I had a fun time reading this post. I literally stopped working.

  3. fllnngl says:

    heyy neil..i did enjoy your post.. i love watching koreanovelas. but it’s sort of hard for me to find ways on how to watch them since they don’t air koreanovelas here..

    nyweiz..i don’t know anything about the teleserye encantadia..but the conflict that involves you is indeed disturbing. i guess you just have to be more careful of what you write and of whom you’re dealing with or who you have to believe..

    anyweiz.. you take care^^

  4. Neil says:

    rowjie – well i’m glad that you like it. Nyehehehe. You have a Thalia album, too? I purchased one spanish and one tagalog… the nandito ako. I dunno, hehehe.

    jef and fllnngl – actually the writer who told me about his claims of original concept of Encantadia really convinced me. Of course, I’m the razed platypus who shared my experiences of having my original work to be ‘stolen’ as what Maruja’s article tackled about. But there’s this one rabid Kapamilya who literally copy-pasted my comment and lambasted every Kapuso in an iGMA forum with it. Then Suzette Doctolero traced (whoah, the effort) my whereabouts. Then the email went in.

    She has not conversed with the proponent of the issue (i.e. the ABS writer from our school). I don’t know if she plans to sue him. Doctolero was really alarmed about the issue… I guess GMA7 mngt conducted a corporate meeting about it…

  5. yna says:

    shockingly-shocking post that swept me off my feet. it was like you wrote/spoke for many filipinos out there, including me. haha.

    song hye kyo, right? not gyo? anyways, i just realized how media greatly affects our lives.

  6. B says:

    i enjoyed reading the texts from the photos. hehe.

    how come you suddenly changed your side?

  7. B says:

    i enjoyed reading the texts from the photos. hehe.

    how come you suddenly changed your side?

  8. tsina says:

    naalala ko itong blog na to… naiingit ako rito… haha! mabuti naman at nadapa ka sa blog ko! salamat!

    Natutuwa ako sa post mo… laking Marimar ako at kung ano ano pa, lahat yan alam ko pati ang aso na si pulgoso… astig magkatunog pa!

    kudos sa post mo galing! at oo nga pala mga diyosa ang mga koreana, yung nasa korea lang…

  9. Neil says:

    yna – I’m Korean. It is most properly spelled as ‘Gyo’ rather than ‘Kyo’ since it should be pronounced as ‘song/hye/gyo’.

    B – I haven’t changed my side yet. I only mentioned that I have more doubts to believe the second-hand resource’s story. But that doesn’t mean I suddenly changed my mind completely ^_^

    tsina – Oo nga… I hardly see any good-looking Koreans here. Probably all the ugliness migrated here… kidding!

  10. mikmik says:

    oo.. maganda nga ang encantadia…

    one of the best fantaserye ever made….

  11. xienah says:

    ayaw ko sa encantadia pero gusto ko ang pares nina alfred vargas at diana zubiri. ang totoo crush ko si vargas. haha.

  12. vanny says:

    hey! hmmm.. mejo lost ako.. hehehe. naman kc hnde ko hilig manuod ng tv.. =(

    pero in fernez, alam ko mga to kaso nga lang un ay dhil naririnig rinig ko lang.. pero hnde ko napapanuod.. wierd noh? di tlga ako mahilig manuod ng tv.. hihi

  13. charles ravndal says:

    Wow that is some sort of an intrigue. Well my mom was one of those crazy fans of Marimar!

  14. xienah says:

    wala ka bang tagboard?
    di mo ma gets no?
    kaya nga nakastrike thru yung ‘masyado’ na word. nukaba?
    pero sa karanasan ko
    hindi naman nila ako kinain ng buhay.
    mabait sila sa akin.
    so siguro mababait lang talaga sila sa mga tao na may potential magartista at may pleasing personality. haha.
    they are so mean and judgemental.
    i hate them-not!

  15. Talamasca says:

    Haha. I heart Letty La Mas Fea. It’s one of the few shows that I appreciate on free TV.

    MG? I got hooked but not to the point that I went gaga over F4. Puhlease, BOYBANDS SUCK.

    Koreanovelas are just the best Asian exports there are.

    Encantadia? No way Jose.

  16. Donya Quixote says:

    WOW galing naman! inemail ka ng creator? lupet!

    adik din ako sa lavender noon. as in. di ako naadik sa f4. sa encantadia din.

    i was too young to appreciate marimar, pero alam ko yung theme song. haha

  17. jak says:

    dati like ko chinovelas but i got sick of it since they’re uber flooding tv channels.
    nice blog btw.
    bat di lumalabas ung shoutbox?

  18. chris eriz says:

    nice blog. astig yung layout hehehe. napadaan lang.

    heehee encantadia. di ko naabutan yan pero lagi kong naririnig yan pati na rin ung iba pang fanatasy drama ng abs-cbn at gma heheheh

    naabutan ko lang ung mga “tsinobela” atbp. 😛

    anyhoo napadaan lang. link exchange?

    dito ako nagpost kasi di lumalabas yung shoutbox mo e.

  19. Jhed says:

    Oy, I still watch Letty La Mas Fea ha, so Spanish telenovelas are not yet history.

    Anyway, watch out na lang tayo sa Atlantika. Heehee!

  20. Juice says:

    WOW. That actually happened? Ohh controversy. Haha.

    I hate F4. I think they’re too full of themselves and they can’t even sing.

    And yeah, Endless Love was the mark of my unending love for Korean soaps. No I do not call them Koreanovelas, because I watch them in Korean with Indonesian or English subtitles. Tagalog dubbing does not appeal to me.

    Oh, long live Mexican soaps! =P

  21. tin-tin says:

    telenovela fan ka pala ha (mexican, korean, taiwanese, filipino, whatever.. basta fan ka):)

  22. di-an says:

    i don’t really enjoy watching telenovelas, because the plots are just imitations of koreanovelas, chinovelas, and whatever telenovelas out there. I believe Filipinos have creative minds, people just aren’t intelligent enough to appreciate them just look at the indie films that Filipinos produce. Mas tinatangkilik pa sa ibang bansa

  23. utakGAGO says:

    hmm. i don’t really watch telenovelas, but baack then – mejo ok-ok pa ako dun.

    my mom would rush from her office to our house just to watch Marimar and Rosalinda.

    that was loooong ago. now, i don’t even watch a show on tv. stupiiiiiiid me. 😦

  24. Neil says:

    WHOAH… A lot of people commented. Thank you very much.

    mikmik – Ah. Ok.

    xienah – Hehehe. Actually, I really really like their ‘I Love You’ scenes. I’ve downloaded the vids from Rickey’s site. Hehehe.

    And oh… you still can’t determine the difference between ‘joke’ and ‘not joke’.

    vanny – Hmmm, so what are you doing in your house while doing nothing, ate vanny? ^_^

    chas – Hehehe. My mom, too. All moms had craved for Thalia.

    Talamasca – Just like what you told me before… hehehe. And oh, I hate the sensual scenes in Mexican telenovelas. They’re just… errgh.

    Donya Quixote – Oh, thanks for visiting me. *wink *wink.

    Yep, got her hyped email for a hyped Encantadik like me. Hehehe

    jak – Why look for the tagbox? Blogging is not primarily for tagging. Might be still using that freakin’ IE 6/7.

    chris – Thanks for dropping. Drop ka lang uli.

    Jhed – Nyehehehe… You know what, after watching their most recent Atlantica ad… on its first few seconds, I was like… whoah, groovy. And then this stupid Dingdong thrusting himself on the Atlantica logo pooped (as in pooped) out of nowhere. Arrgh. I laughed so hard, i turned off the TV.


    tin-tin – Yep. I watch TV a lot.

    di-an – It’s not because ‘Filipinos are not intelligent’. The Japanese are intelligent. But they are not watching their own docu films as well.

    It’s the ‘orientation’ and ‘tradition’ that kept Filipinos not patronizing intelligent films. Hopefully one of these days, Filipinos would realize it too and soon clash the culture that kept them inside their nutshells for decades.

    utakG*** – (Sorry, I just can’t encode your name anymore.. hehehe) Hahaha. I can’t seem to figure out how we became avid to these soaps. Back in highschool, we were like “Kuya Charlie, Meteor Garden na! LEt’s go na!” or “Kuya Charlie, bili kayo ng TV!” Hahaha. Freakazoids are we.

  25. richard says:

    yo! pahabol lang.. ayos ah! galing naman! received an email from a headwriter of a show! wow! that’s great. i really enjoyed this post. nakakamiss talaga magbloghop at magbasa ng magbasa.

    pero sensya na, halos di na ako makarelate kasi ni minsan di ako nanonood ng ENCANTADIA or any GMA shows. E kasi daming lamok sa screen pag GMA sa TV namin. At saka alang cable rin eh.. sensya na, taga-bukid eh.. hehe

    God bless.. 🙂

  26. Jigs says:

    Patawad Neil sa pagiging late ng comment ko!

    Anyway, wala din naman ako macomment kasi I dont like telenovelas, more so koreanovelas! LOL! Plus, I dont want to say anything that can spark a debate! natuto na ko. LOL! 😀

  27. Jonell says:

    still, encantadia tops them all!

    walang binatbat ang ibang soap sa enca! award-winning pa!

    sana mas higitan siya ng atlantika. nakaka-amaze kasi talaga!

  28. aNjOuLi says:

    so lurve the your page! hehehe… exchange links? kung okay lang sa’yo? hihi. thanx foe dropping by my blog pala. sowee sa late reply.. feeling bussy sa layp eh..

    ayee.. GMA ka? ABS? la lang.. ABS kasi aku. di naman aku nakikipagtunggali pero eniweiz.. my sister and i are going gaga over those in.superr.. we even buy pirated dvds for the sake of seeing every missed episode.. as in. my sister already knows a bit of korean.wth? hahaha. funny though but koreanovelas are so keeleeg.. hahaha… grabe!! tapos before me and my bestfriend used to go loca over Meteor Garden I.. every commercial as in.. mag-uusap talaga kami sa fone.. tapos grabe! ewan ko..super addikk kami dun!!! tsk tsk tsk… grabe! yah.. t’was history! hmmp.. anu ba? yah.. nung bata pa aku i love chabelita(forgot the spelling) pero basta i really love that show even though my sore eyes ako nun i would ignore my meds an watch that show.. grabe!!! kaloka naman!! hahaha.. kakahiya rin.. pero ngayon.. juz loving koreanovelas..hihi..

    anu ba yan? ginawa ko ng blog… hahaha… la lang.. share lang.. nakakatuwa kasi post mo.. ui! okay lang ba sa’yo exchange links tayo? hit me back with a reply aight? hihi. TC! 😉

  29. aNjOuLi says:

    *sowee for the typo and wrong spelling and grammar too.. 😉

  30. Anonymous says:

    ha-ha! I am also gaga over Korean Dramas than anything else.
    As a matter of fact, here are my top 10 list of all-time korean faves:

    1) Jewel In the Palace (OMG! I love this show….still reigning as #1 in my heart due to its highly inspirational, educational, touchy and “mouth-watering” coz of the foods presented. And the scenes and events are parallel to the current state of Philippine society).

    2) My Rosy Life (Kakasimula pa lang ito pero maganda talaga to! Maaawa ka talaga sa bida at maaapreciate natin what sacrifice mean…to the point na hindi natin maisip ang sarili natin)

    3) Autumn In My Heart (I didn’t watch this 3 years ago…until I finally bought a DVD of it. Tama ang mga katrabaho ko: M-A-G-A-N-D-A! Nakakaiyak…at nakakatuwa si Yoon (Choi) Eun-suh [Jenny] kasi she is able to maintain her sense of humor sa kabila ng paghihirap at pagdurusa niya. Cute pa ni Won Bin…kakalaglag-panty!!! hoooooo!!!!).

    —-to be continued—–

  31. Anonymous says:

    hehehe.. talalga maganda letty la mas fea parehas lng tau ako imbis na thesis ang iresearch q sa net spanis lang. maintindihan ko lang yung letty sa you tube.. saka yung kanta nila tu belleza es un misterio at aqui estare grabeh ang ganda nun… maganda yung remake ng letty la mas fea well at totoong title niya ay la fea mas bella (the ugly but beautiful)

  32. RoxyBathory says:

    Hi! Guess What???? I am the former foxy_roxy of Pinoy Rickey and finally baptized myself as RoxyBathory… for some reasons.

    Well.. I am a KoreanDrama-natic… but of course, like any shows am I goin’ to watch, I am very choosy on what to watch. Most Korean Dramas I prefer are Daeha Dramas (Histo/Period), Political ones, Heavy Dramas, Family Dramas… as long as the story doesn’t center merely on pure loveteams and everything sappy about them.

    Here are my Gigantic 20 list of my faves… eventhough some of them I haven’t watched.

    Jumong (Song Il-Gook/Han Hye Jin/Kim Seung Soo/Jeon Kwang Ryeol/
    Oh Yoon Soo/ Huh Jeon Ho/ Song Ji Yo et. al. are huge boulders to their
    counterparts from other channels in Korea. It is even more heavy boulder to
    Princess Hours, Rounin, PBB and Which Star Are You From)
    Jewel in the Palace (Lee Young Ae is such a Goddess…. need not to say why)
    Huh Joon (Ang lalaking Jang Geum, the Jeon Kwang Ryeol starrer)
    Sand Glass (Damn! ABS-CBN bought this series, but not able to air it)
    Eyes of Dawn
    Rustic Period (Kim Du Han is Song-Il-Gook’s grandpa!)
    Emperor of the Sea
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    A Rosy Life (Choi Jin Shil is way rosier than roses!)
    Be Strong Geum Soon (Han Hye Jin is naturally cute than Yoon Eun Hye and such
    a natural beauty)
    Hwang Jini (this is Ha Ji Won’s best role than being the Erika of Memories of Bali.
    And now I feel I am kisaeng… whahahha!)
    Endless Love: Autumn Fairy Tale (I agree to what you said, Neil! hahahah!)
    The Lost Empire (depicts the life of Empress Myeongseong, last empress of
    Korean Empire)
    Damo (also the best role of Ha Ji Won)
    Stairway to Heaven
    Endless Love: Winter Sonata
    All About Eve
    Sassy Girl Chun Hyang (Han Chae Young looked impoverished in Only You)
    Yellow Handkerchief
    M (horror ito…pre! as in…)

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